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Model Pouring and Basing Area

To ensure accurate models, SUMMIT has embraced significant technologies that help eliminate human error in the very foundation of great restorations – the models.

  • “Smart boxes” with built-in scales and exact measurements of distilled water are used for all stones – die stone, basing stone, and even plaster-mounting stone. Having a precise water/powder ratio consistently produces accurate models for your restorations.
  • After we pour the models, everything else is done “dry.” For example, we use a dry model-trimmer to eliminate any possibility that water might cause secondary expansion of the die stone. The result? Dies that more perfectly represent the patient’s actual dentition.
  • We also use zero-expansion basing stone, so that after each die is sawed out, no “extra space” opens up. The benefit? Highly accurate IP contacts.

Die Trimming Area

  • All dies are sawed out “from the bottom up,” using a Schick G2 saw, giving you two advantages:
    1) the cuts are made perfectly parallel to draw easily, and
    2) this methodical process eliminates the risk of sawing a margin or IP contact of an adjacent tooth.
  • All dies are trimmed under 4.5 power customized loops in a Dental Arte box that provides both pressurized air and suction to keep our model room clean and free of dust.
  • We provide each doctor his or her preference of articulation, whether Panadent, Kavo, Denar, Stratos, Artex, or Sam 3.

Digital Department

SUMMIT has invested in top tier digital equipment, programs, and mills for those materials best suited for this process. The benefits to you are significant:

  • Our team has total control over the entire CAD/CAM process since every step is done on-site.
  • We employ only highly skilled dental technicians – not simply students of computer CAD – to design our restorations, frameworks, and implant abutments.
  • The experience of our technicians protect the integrity of each restoration from start to finish.

Waxing Department

With custom Dental Arte furnishings, this area is designed to be ergonomic with a faux skylight overhead to add to the visual appeal. Benefits to our clients include the following:

  • Each technician is provided with a 10-20 power microscope to clearly illuminate a single tooth, as well as work on marginal areas.
  • In addition, customized 4.5 power loops from Orascoptic magnify a field of up to 5 teeth at a time and are ideal for use with fitting details, occlusal details, and movement patterns.
  • Lighting is color-corrected in the waxing department, not just in our ceramics area, because the 5500° K illumination makes it easier to see fine waxing details.

Finishing Area

SUMMIT does not employ “finishing” technicians; rather, each waxer/designer takes ownership of his or her restorations, from designing them through the finishing with their own hands. How does this benefit our clients?

  • Consistency comes from experienced waxer/designers who fully understand framework support.
  • Each framework or full contour restoration is finished under a 10-20 power microscope, whether it’s cast out of metal, milled out of zirconia, or pressed from e.max® ingots.
  • To protect our clients, staff, and patients from potential harm from known toxic metals, no base metals are ever used at SUMMIT. Our alloy manufacturer, Argen, is the largest producer of precious dental alloys in the world and manufactures all products in compliance with the FDA, as well as the ISO Quality Management System. Your patients have nothing to worry about with products from SUMMIT!

Porcelain Area

Designed with windows facing north to maximize natural lighting, SUMMIT’s porcelain department gives every advantage to our ceramists to produce life-like results:

  • In addition to the available natural light, all overhead and bench lighting is color-corrected. As with other departments, each ceramist is fitted with customized 4.5 power loops from Orascoptic, so our clients can be assured of even the smallest details.
  • Each ceramist builds, contours, stains, and glazes his or her own restorations; so the same final hands take your restorations from porcelain build-up to completion. This gives you the consistent, beautiful product our clients have come to expect from SUMMIT.
  • We use only premium porcelain powders for the finest results. Each is manufactured in compliance with both FDA and ISO standards. Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

Seminar Center

According to one clinician who speaks both nationally and internationally, SUMMIT’s seminar center is one of the finest educational facilities he has ever seen. How does this benefit SUMMIT’s clients?

  • As a PACE provider, SUMMIT offers top-ranked speakers throughout the year for a wide variety of CE programs for our clients.
  • Our advanced A-V systems include hands-on work under microscope that can be projected onto the big screen as the clinician is working – a real plus for interactive learning.
  • In addition to clinics for our doctors, SUMMIT also brings renowned technicians in-house each year for our staff clinics. Outfitted with handpieces and porcelain ovens, this room is the perfect environment for hands-on instruction that keeps our technicians on the leading edge of both knowledge and skill.


Designed as an Italian bistro, SUMMIT’s breakroom provides the rest away from the bench that keeps our team refreshed throughout the workday.

  • The warm tones – very different from the sleek gray tones in the technical areas – provide refreshment to eyes that work under microscope hour after hour.
  • The setting is ideal to have frequent team lunch meetings to foster communication between all departments.
  • Here we also celebrate anniversaries and important life events as a “family” would, realizing that people stay with organizations where they feel valued. Long-term length-of-service means that our clients can count on consistency and caring from our team.

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