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To achieve higher esthetics, SUMMIT offers zirconia products from a wide range of translucency and strength. That’s great news! Only a few years ago, labs had only one option of zirconia material - It was a bright, opaque material used mainly for posterior crowns. With the evolution of more translucent zirconia materials:

ALL zirconia restorations now require a stump shade, please.

Zirconia products needing stump shades include ALL anterior or posterior applications - even 2nd molars. Our zirconia portfolio includes:

  • Lava (zirconia coping with layered porcelain)
  • Monolithic Zirconia (no layered porcelain)
  • Esthetic Monolithic Zirconia (layered porcelain on facial/buccal)

Regardless of the product you choose, your patient's stump shade will be the determining factor in selecting the zirconia material best suited for his or her crown.

It is very important to take the stump shade immediately after prepping - before the tooth becomes dehydrated. If post build-ups or root canals exist in the same area and the stump shades vary, use a flowable composite to block out the darkness and match the adjacent stump.

If you have any questions about stump shades or any of these zirconia restorations, please call Karen or Jennifer at (800) 955-1051.

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