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A pressable lithium disilicate ceramic, e.max® is unrivaled in beauty and strength and is one of the most popular products in the SUMMIT DENTAL LAB portfolio.

With excellent esthetics and marginal accuracy, e.max restorations can be used in any position.

  • Use: Veneers and single crowns.
  • Contraindications: e.max® cannot be used over dark stumps.
  • Clearance: Minimum clearance is 1.5 mm.
  • Prep: Chamfer margin is ideal.
  • Stump: Shade required **
  • Seating: For your convenience, SUMMIT will always etch the internal surface, so after try-in, do not sandblast. Simply clean with Ivoclean, alcohol, or acetone to remove any oral fluids or proteinaceous contaminants, then bond with a dual cure bonding agent for exceptionally strong and beautiful results. You may also choose to conventionally cement.

** Because of its superior translucency, we ask clients to always prescribe the stump shade so our ceramists can give you that perfect match in the mouth. It is very important to take the stump shade immediately after prepping - before the tooth becomes dehydrated. If post build-ups or root canals exist in the same area and the stump shades vary, use a flowable composite to block out the darkness and match the adjacent stump.

If you have any questions about taking stump shades, please call Karen or Jennifer at (800) 955-1051.

e.max® Video Clip

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